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National Year of Reading!

2008 is the National Year of Reading and after three months of planning tonnes of events and interesting things kick off this month!  Portland Place School has also been planning and developing loads of different events and activities.  These will be posted below by Miss Berrisford so check back often to make sure you aren’t missing out!


If you were stuck on a desert island and you could have one thing to read, what would it be? The latest football scores on your mobile or a magazine to check what the celebrities are wearing while you’re stuck in a castaway outfit? Or maybe just your favourite book… Tell us your top desert island read on the forum.

If your desert island is inhabited, then Time Out might cover it with their free online travel guides. If it’s really uncharted territory write your own travel guide on Wikitravel and catalogue the wild beasts and tropical storms. Bet you wish you’d played Bear Grylls’ survival game before you left…

Heading off on a more conventional holiday? Stock up on some free stuff to read: join your local library and request a list of your favourite reads. Or sign up on www.readitswapit.com where you can swap books you don’t want for ones you do.

If you’re just stuck in a monotonous day rather than on a desert island, you can escape into another world – we’re lining up an exclusive BBC audiobook of Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. It will soon be released from captivity so check back here in a couple of weeks. Or you can try leaving the planet altogether and write a science fiction story for SFX magazine.

Make your escape with reading.






12 Responses to “National Year of Reading!”

  1. aberrisford said

    Well Done to Siana Borisova in Year 8 who won the Guess the Teacher Reading Competition!

    A Ten Pound Borders voucher wil be winging it’s way to you!

    Stay tuned for the May Mind and Body competition! Its sure to make your mind boggle!

  2. aberrisford said


    For May we need your recipes for various different things, and I am not just talking about food and drink! Do you have a recipe for a good time? A fun lesson? a chart topping band?

    An example could be

    Take one librarian (preferably chilled) add one class of smart students, a peck of brilliant books, sprinkle with concentrated silence. Simmer gently until the bell goes, make sure to serve on a smattering of cushions and bean bags.

    Hey Presto! The recipe for a perfect Library Session! My recipe anyway! Can you make your own? Deliver to Miss Berrisford or type here using the comments!

  3. aberrisford said

    Here is a list of weights and measures and cooking terms to help you if you are thinking of creating your own abstract recipe!

    Weights, measures and volumes

    Dram, Scruple, Pennyweight, Hundredweight, Sack, Tonne, Clove, Ounce, Pound, Stone, Grains, Pinch, Peck, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Gram, Kilo, Cup, Fluid ounce, Pint, Quart, Gallon, Bushel, Caldron, Firkin – 9 gallons ale, Barrel – 4 firkins ale, 52.5 gallons wine is a hogshead, Seer, Maund.

    Cooking terms

    Sauté, stir, beat, flambé, fricassee, stir fry, barbecue, grill, freeze, set, beat, aerate, whisk, batter, bake, blend, blanch, boil, braise, broil, brown, brush, caramelize, chill, chop, coat, combine, core, cube, dash, deep fry, dice, dilute, dissolve, drizzle, dust, fillet, flake, fold, fry, garnish, gel, glaze, grate, grease, grill, grind, ice, knead, marinate, mash, microwave, mince, moisten, peel, poach, pressure-cook, puree, reduce, rehydrate, roast, scald, shred, sift, simmer, skewer, steam, stew, strain, thicken, toss, whip, whisk.

  4. Anonymous said

    How to make a band called Happy Happy Town? well say no more, i’m going to show you the recipe of how you make a band called Happy Happy Town

    you have to put a lot of smiling

  5. siana said

    A perfect lesson with chilli topping

    Take from the fridge a 52kl perfect teacher and let her unfreeze for 10min. until the lesson starts. Than take a cup of nicely topped perfect children. Mix them all together and put them in a class-oven which is heated to 25°C when you put them in. Before you put them sprinkle them with 50g of concentration. Leave them in the class-oven for an hour. You can change the temperature but not less than 25°C and surely not above 40°C or you’ll burn them. Take them out if they go over 5 of the brown thermometer. Leave them to cool and you can spill over them a chilli oil of water-break. This is the recipe of a perfect lesson. (Another way of making it tastier is, if you add tablespoon of books before putting in the class-oven).

  6. abdullah puri said

    Halloween pudding, an eye of a newt, tongue of a frog, a cup of vampire blood, a sprinkle of dust, a bats wing, a tooth of a student, some potions, a witches flying broom, a leg of a teacher, hair of a dog, and chocolate topping. Heated with immense heat till ready for the magic words, “hocus pocus.”

  7. Wafiq said

    Tuck Shop Medley
    Take a cup of parents then get a kilo of snacks and drinks. Add a gallon of hungry students. Sprinkle some crisps and cookies (maybe some donuts) for a bonus touch. Wait for the bell to sizzle and wait for the tuck shop rush!. Grab some ear muffs and let the children steam through. Make sure you re-hydrate as the students can burst as you might not have enough to sell. Then after 15-20 minutes, let the food simmer. Continue using this recipe as this may help selling food at the Tuck Shop!

  8. Wafiq said

    Lunch time Feast …with An Occasional Strict Teacher.
    Warning: Make sure you have a strict teacher as this recipe will work more effectively.

    Take about 150+ children from their lessons as their brains might be roasting. Supply them with their delicious food blended with drinks and snacks from Adams Eatery. If it is on a hot day make sure you control them as they might burst the room preferably use a strict teacher that may scare the pupils. Then around 5-10 minutes (depending on the teacher) the children will be quiet and controlled. Add in some detention threats for more control. (Do not be too mean as the children may tell their Head of Years or parents).

  9. siana said

    A double sleepily chip Mondays

    Take a gallon of students and a teacup of teachers and stir them until they make a perfectly smooth paste of teach-stud. Sprinkle a pinch of sleepy dust over the paste and stir again you can also add 70g of sleepily chip bits of books and classroom furniture (if you want the sleepy chip Mondays sleepier and tastier you can add a snorting teacher).
    Put the paste on a class-ovenpan with the shapes of different schools. Put them in the class-oven for 15min. at 30°C.

  10. abdullah puri said

    The perfect friend, take a human (male or female)freeze a smile on its face, is fastidious, and comprises a heart full of love, courageous enough to help you in times of trouble. And always stands by you no what the problem.

  11. Wafiq said

    Steaming Sweet & Sour Pastry.

    Use this recipe on a hot day to avoid disappointment.

    Wait for the day to be the warmest. Take out about 20 waiting-to-be-cooked students and drizzle some sweet and sour sauce. Add some teachers and dice them until finely chopped. Add a dash of salt and mix the two until there is paste present. Take some pastry sheets and fold them into a triangle. Glaze the pastry over with oil for a greater taste. Put the pastries (12 minimum) in an oven pan and put it into the oven. Set the temperature to 30 celsius for a bronze colour. Wait for 3 minutes to settle and enjoy!

  12. siana said

    An ice-creamsingers

    Prepare a ball, add some chocolate and vanilla songs and some frozen singers. Stir. Mix them with a sack of strawberry instrument and wires. Put it in the fridge for a day. After that take them out and connect the ball with wires and plug it in a plug. Than listen, eat and enjoy!!!

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